The Tweeting Phenomenon

Getting noticed on Twitter is not easy.  How can you go about using it as an effective marketing tool?  The answer I seem to be finding is not to use it to self-promote at all.  If your twitter feed is full of promos for your books and work nobody is going to take much notice.  Now that’s not to say you should never tweet links to your work but you have to be smart about it.

In order for people to be interested when you tweet links to your own work they first have to be interested in what you tweet in between promos.  Thoughtful posts on interesting topics, re-tweeting cool quotes that other people post and generally tweeting things people will actually stop and read will mean that when you post a tweet about something you have written they are more likely to stop and read that as well.

My most successful tweet to date – a short quote “Writers write … if you want to be a writer that’s all there is to it. Get your words on paper. The rest is optional.”  It has been retweeted by my followers and then in turn by their followers – who have then followed me.  The quote is based on a simple premise, almost stating the obvious, but people liked what they read and they felt inspired to share it, some even favourited it.

twitter feed

Now if I can do this repeatedly with other similar things I may start to get a reputation on Twitter for writing tweets people want to read.  From there it’s (hopefully) not a huge step to them wanting to read more of what I have written.  A small number may then download one of my ebooks. Who knows they might even then review it on their blogs and inspire more people to download it.

Of course at the moment this is all theoretical.  But it does seem to be an accurate reflection of what many well-established bloggers and authors are saying.  I will find out when I launch my first book for sale.  I hope you will be there with me when I do.


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