A new dress for Evie – short poem

A New Dress For Evie

Evie was having a party

The very first one of the Year

And Mummy was taking her shopping

To find her a new dress to wear

Evie knew just what she wanted

And just where to get it from too

The pink princess dress in the window

Of the shop on the street by the school

It had bows and ribbons and roses

The skirt would come down to her knees

Mummy had said she could try It

But Evie would have to say please

She tried on the dress with great care

And hoped against hope it would fit

She turned to look in the mirror

“yes” she thought “this is it”

Then Mummy looked down at the price tag

And gasped at its ludicrous size

Evie said “Mummy its perfect”

And hoped she would not have to cry

Mummy thought for moment and then

Looked over at Evie and winked

“we’ll hide the price tag from Daddy

Or he’ll have a fit I would think”

At last the big day came around

And Evie put on her dress

She helped to set up for the party

Careful not to make one bit of mess

Her guests arrived in their outfits

And Evie said Hi to them all

They danced and played and ate cake

And everyone had a real ball

All through the party she smiled

Even when she lost all the games

She handed out party bags nicely

All labelled with all her friend’s names

When everyone left to go home

They all said that they liked her dress

Mummy shook hands with their parents

And frowned when she looked at the mess

Evie said she would help tidy

But Mummy knew better than that

She ran a hot bath with some bubbles

While Evie helped out by feeding the cat

At night time Dad read her a story

And then tucked her in with a kiss

Evie was already sleepy

As she thought about her birthday wish

“I’m so happy Daddy” she murmured

“and I will help you tidy the mess

My wish came true at the party

Because I had the very best dress”

princess dress


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  1. I like your blog a lot. I particularly like this poem – it’s so clever to sustain a rhyme for so long, and so interestingly – like a short story in itself – lovely! I also like the previous article – not a million miles from my own blog post about invisibility. It’s good to connect with a fellow author. Keep at it! 🙂

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