Tom’s Attic

Tom’s Attic.

Tom had always wondered what was hidden in the attic. His parents said it was where they kept everything that made them rich, Tom couldn’t understand why the valuables were’nt kept in the bank. One day when his parents were safely out of the way gardening he decided he had to find out. He stole the rusty key from its hook behind the kitchen door and snuck upstairs to the wooden door that led to the mysterious attic room. Glancing over his shoulder he turned the key in the lock and crept inside. *Crash* he slammed into an ancient chest of drawers. He held his breath listening for any sign of his parents having heard. The coast remained clear and he felt for the light switch eager to reveal what had so long been hidden. The bright bulb lit up a treasure trove, everywhere he looked he saw memories, his old toys, his dad’s bowling trophies and his sister’s dancing outfits. Everything was covered with a thin layer of dust and looked like it had been undisturbed for years. Tom backed slowly out of the door and closed it behind him finally understanding perfectly what his parents meant.



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