Kohla’s bad day

I wrote this little story about my puppy when she was making particularly good use of her “sad eyes” one day.  I hope you enjoy it. Comments welcome

Kohla’s day started badly.  A bath.  Now everyone knows poodles like water, water is fun, you can splash in it, try and catch the spray from the shower head, bark at it, roll in it and chase the shower head around when your human drops it by accident.  The problem with baths is that you have to sit still while you have one.  How is a 4 month old puppy supposed to sit still with all that exciting water around?  Especially when added to the exciting water is a whole lot of even more exciting shampoo bubbles.  Kohla had made the mistake of trying to eat a shampoo bubble before and the nasty taste stayed in her mouth for what seemed like a week.  Now she just wanted to pop them all and bark at them.  She was very cross with her human for making her stay still and not play.  After the bath there is then the ultimate indignity of being placed in front of something that blows hot air on you and makes all your hair stand on end so you look like a  ball of fluff having a bad hair day.  So all things considered Kohla really didn’t like baths.  Still if the day starts with a horrible bath it can only get better right? Wrong.

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Most of the day was exactly what Kohla expected.  Her human went to work while she did the important jobs of shredding the cardboard in the recycling bin and tipping over the water bowl to wash the kitchen floor.  The day appeared to be getting better and the trauma of the bath first thing in the morning was almost forgotten.  And then, there was a change in the routine which spelled disaster.

When the human returned from work she picked Kohla up and carried her to the car.  This could be very very good or very very bad.  Sometimes the car went to brilliant places like that strange hall where all the other puppies were and they all did tricks for really yummy food.  Sometimes the car went to the vet.  Kohla hated the vet even more than she hated baths.  Today it went to the stables. Kohla was still undecided on the stables. On the one hand there were some really interesting smells and fabulous things to roll in.  On the other hand there were the huge ugly things that stomped around the field and thought they owned the place just because they were so much bigger than everyone else.  There were other nice humans at the stables too, they would pick her up and give her cuddles and feed her treats.  The stables definitely warranted further investigation.

Kohla was minding her own business sniffing around the chicken hut and avoiding the big old cockerel – who she was sure was so old he had been hatched right about the same time as the dinosaur things that had been on the TV the night before – when something horrible happened.  A dog that she had never seen before came running up to her and wanted to play.  Imagine that – a dog having the audacity to come running up to her without an invitation and almost knock her off her feet.  Well Kohla was having none of that – so she started to scream.  Not just bark but really scream.  Perhaps if the humans thought the other dog was biting her it would get into trouble.  It didn’t work. Kohla’s human just laughed and told her to stop being pathetic.  Kohla wasn’t sure what pathetic meant but she was convinced she wasn’t being that.  Eventually another human came and picked her up.  This was the result she had wanted, the other human’s pockets were stuffed with dog treats.  Kohla rather liked this game and woofed smugly at the other dog now barking round the human’s feet.

All of a sudden Kohla felt a sharp pain in her tail and this time she screamed in earnest and tried to climb on the human’s shoulder. A second dog had decided her wagging little tail looked a bit like a dangling toy and merited a good chomp. Kohla’s human just kept laughing. Couldn’t this ignorant human tell that Kohla’s dignity was badly damaged?  Kohla thought it very bad taste for someone to laugh at her in such a way when she had genuinely had half a second of mild discomfort. She decided she definitely did not like the stables.

Kohla was very pleased when her human put her back in the car and took her home.  She was less pleased when she was handed her dinner and instead of the nice slab of meat she thought she deserved it was boring puppy biscuits again.  Surely she deserved a nice juicy steak after the day she had endured, or at least some of the yummy tinned food that she knew was in the fridge. Kohla was tempted to turn her nose up and walk away, but then her stomach rumbled and she remembered that she was actually very hungry and tucked in.  If only the worming tablet hadn’t been in her very first mouthful. Kohla had swallowed it before she realised what it was.  The sneakiness of that human, imagine disguising horrible worming tablets in her dinner. And not even a special dinner at that, just the same old thing she got every day.  Life was just not fair for a puppy.  Just when she was thinking of escaping and finding a new home if this was how puppies were treated at this one her human offered her a piece of cheese and scratched her between the ears the way she really liked.  Perhaps this human deserved one more chance after all.

Later that night Kohla was curled up in her bed remembering how horrible the day had been.  Tomorrow had to be better she was thinking as she drifted off to sleep.  It was a good job she didn’t know that tomorrow she had an appointment with the vet!

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