Saying Goodbye

Yesterday we laid to rest my paternal Grandmother. I was asked to speak at the funeral but did not initially know what would be an appropriate reading. After looking at any number of things that are commonly read at funerals, and a few things that are not, nothing seemed to fit so I started to think about how Gran would have wanted to be remembered.  I think everyone wants to be remembered as they were at their best. I wrote a poem that represented the best memories I had of my Gran. From the emails and other comments we have received from people who knew my Gran well I think it represents how everyone from her family and closest friends to the postman who arrived at the farm in a blizzard and couldn’t get home for six weeks will remember her with great fondness.  It is called simply ‘Hospitality’.

Empty bellies?

Not on my watch

Give me five minutes

There’ll be something in the pot

Here’s a cup of tea ready

And scones on their way

Mind the oven, it’s hot:

I’ve been baking today

Bramley apple pie I made

Here have a big slice.

Get some cream from the fridge,

There isn’t that nice

Fish and Chips on Fridays

And a big Sunday roast

Bacon for breakfast

With hot buttered toast

Look in the toffee tin

And remember when you do

That plates full of food

Is how I say “I love you”

In loving memory of Elsie Hindmarsh 4th May 1921 – 30th June 2014.


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