So last Novembers novel in a month challenge failed quite miserably when I ended up moving house in the middle of it. However I did quite like the premise.  This is a short extract from the work I did get done.  At some point this book will get finished. This is my first attempt at writing for an older audience, although it is still only PG rated! If enough people like it I will put aside time to finish it more quickly.


January 1st 10am

It seems to be morning already; I can’t quite believe this right now as my pounding head and utter exhaustion point to it still being the middle of the night. The children however are convinced it is morning, Nicky is shooting something on his infernal PlayStation and Faith is demanding to go and ride her pony. They clearly are not suffering from the same after effects of New Year’s Eve that I am, but then they did not consume the best part of three bottles of wine. I am still far too drunk to operate the car so we will have to walk to the stables. This will at least help with my new year’s resolution to lose 10 pounds. My other new year’s resolutions by the way are to never drink again (probably won’t last the week), to ride my difficult horse, Star, more often (will last until my first broken bone) and to keep this diary (this one might last, I managed all the way to the end of July last year).

January 1st 9pm

Horrible, horrible day. Faith insisted on going to the stables to ride her pony, Cobalt, and Nicky cried half the afternoon because I didn’t take him with us. Nicky has never even shown an interest in the horses before but for some reason he now seems to want to ride. Faith is of course horrified at the idea of him riding Cobalt and threatening to make sure he falls off. Sometimes I just don’t know what to do with that girl. I could not bring myself to even ride my lovely cob Mohawk today. My head has not stopped pounding all day. My best friend Suzanne was in the same state so at least we could commiserate with each other while our children thankfully managed to avoid killing themselves in their high spirits. We have both sworn off drink completely for at least a month. On that note I am going to have a long bath and go to bed. There is nothing that can keep me away from sleep any longer tonight.


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