A poem for everyone who has ever worked with Children!

One day some children went to school

Just to make a change

They said “lets go to school today

And really misbehave”

They tipped up all the classroom bins

And glued the lockers shut

And when the warden yelled at them

They locked him in his hut.

They hadn’t done their homework

They refused to do PE

And at breaktime went to classroom one

And set the hamster free.

They borrowed other children’s things

And never once said please

At lunch time in the dinner hall

They refused to eat their peas

The teachers shook their heads and said

“Their parents must be called”

The children went quite white with fright

And Bawled and bawled and bawled.

“Please don’t call our Mums and Dads

We’ll be good we swear”

But the minute teacher’s back was turned

They broke a little chair

When the bell for end of school

Rang to let them go

They bolted out the door and ran

Not waiting to be told

“Lets never go to school again”

They said with eyes shut tight

And to this day they never have

Perhaps next year they might


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