Strategies for Engaging Young Children – Using Props!

Young children are often excited about books, they love stories and relish old favourites being read again and again. This is not always so exciting for parents. Even the best stories can become boring after the 50th repetition. One way to combat this is to make a brand new book seem really exciting. This is not always easy, but props can help!

I discovered some fantastic little fairy doors in a local shop and they gave me an idea.  The fairy doors can be stuck anywhere, inside or out (make sure they are good quality concrete cast if you want to put it outdoors). When you just can’t face the same book for the tenth bedtime in a row take your little one to the fairy door in the morning. Sprinkle fairy dust in front of the door and tell them it will make the fairies leave a brand new book on their pillow. Plant the book on the pillow and then when it’s bedtime make a big deal of finding out what the fairies have left!

Gorgeous, high quality, fairy doors like the one below can be found in Grantham Creations shop along with lots of other items made by local craft artists. Find them on Facebook here:

2015-04-15 19.15.08


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