Maysun and The Wingfish

Maysun and the Wingfish is another excellent book from the wonderful Mother’s Milk Books.

Packaged as a children’s story this book has a universal appeal due to the wonderful lyrical nature of the prose and the layers in the meaning and characters. For children the appeal is in the story of the wonderful wingfish, the imagination in describing the fictitious world and the stunning artwork on the cover.

While many books are written specifically to fulfill a market niche, it is obvious from reading Maysun and the Wingfish that this is not that case. This is a story that was written for the pure joy of sharing the written word, and that translates into a story that is a pure joy to read. As such the audience for this book is less clearly defined than many of the books released by larger commercial publishers. In my opinion this book’s greatest strength would be for older children who are less advanced readers and struggle to find books that they do not feel patronised by. Whilst the language is readable and the prose flowing the ideas are complex enough for older readers to take as much from it as the younger readers.

This is a beautiful book, and would make an excellent Christmas present for children who love animal stories, fantasy stories and books in general.


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