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Author: sarahlouise1984

Lincoln Superstar in Review

A few months ago I diverted from the primary subject of this blog to review the west end musical Wicked. http://creatingwithkohla.com/wordpress/?p=166″ title=”A Small Departure – Wicked In Review   As a professional production it exceeded my expectations in every way and I have been looking for other opportunities to see musicals ever since. With that…

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Finding Reading Material for Reluctant Readers – Independent Presses

Sometimes finding books for the reluctant reader can be difficult. The choices from traditional large commercial publishers can sometimes be quite similar. When a child does find a style of book they enjoy it can sometimes be the only one like it offered by the commercial publishers. Even the biggest branches of Waterstones only carry…

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Obstacles to reading: lack of relatable characters.

For most children in the UK and US there is no problem finding books containing characters they can relate to. As books have become more inclusive it has become easier for children in some minority groups to find characters that are like them in children’s literature. However, some groups still struggle to find characters that…

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