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Meet the Characters


Harvey is a southern grasshopper mouse. He was found wandering near the orphanage and Mr Albert, who runs the orphanage, thinks his parents were caught by owls. Harvey has always been the odd mouse out at the orphanage because all the other baby mice are Field Mice. Can he earn a place in the hearts of the other orphans?

Southern Grasshopper Mouse


Jinx is a red squirrel. Red squirrels come from a different part of the world to the Southern Grasshopper mouse but Jinx has traveled all over the world. He is a real favourite with the baby mice at the orphanage and he has some very important information for Harvey.

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Felix is a Northern Saw-Whet owl. He never goes hunting with the rest of his gang and has never hurt a mouse. When we first meet Felix he lives with a gang of other Northern Saw-Whet owls but he is very unhappy. Can Harvey help him?

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Domino and Mary-Jane

These two are brother and sister. They live at the orphanage because their parents were lost in a big storm when they were very tiny babies. Domino is a bit older than Mary-Jane and tends to tease her a lot.

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Mr Albert and Nurse Berry

Mr Albert is the founder of the orphanage. He rescued Nurse Berry from a family of foxes when she was just a few weeks old. He realised he wanted to take care of all the orphan mice in the area and built the orphanage himself. Nurse Berry did her nursing training as soon as she was old enough and then returned to the orphanage to help Mr Albert look after the baby mice.


Basil is the janitor at the nursery. He was raised by Mr Albert and Nurse Berry after his father went on a trip and never returned and his mother became very ill and couldn’t take care of him any more. He likes a quiet life and grumbles a lot but is secretly very fond of the baby mice.

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