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Meet the Characters


baby jinx

Jinx is the star of our story. We first met him in The Mouse Who Howled at the Moon. So many children said that Jinx was their favourite character that he just had to have his own story. This book tells his background story, how he was adopted by his two dads and how he came to be an adventurer.

Captain Tadlow

Cap'n Tad

Captain Tadlow, or ‘Cap’n Tad’ as the other otters in his crew call him, is a California Sea Otter. He is a brand new character for this book. He owns the wonderful ship ‘The Roving Rachel’, which carries Jinx to his adventures on the other side of the ocean. Captain Tadlow has a wife and five otter children, but Shhh! we won’t find out about them until much later in the series.

Jasper and Jack

jasper and jack

Jasper and Jack are very kind squirrels. They have been together for a long time and everybody in their woodland home loves them. They help out everyone they can, whenever they can. Jack used to belong to a circus, but nobody knows that except Jasper, so don’t let his secret out!

Mr Albert

Mr Albert

Mr Albert first appeared in The Mouse Who Howled at the Moon. He founded the orphanage where Harvey and his friends lived. In this book we find out what happened before the orphanage was built. Mr Albert is a very good-hearted mouse and the baby mice he fosters are very fond of him. He does have a tendency to get into trouble though.


Sid is a very cross watervole, he helps Jasper and Jack rescue Jinx, but only because they once helped him. Watch out for Sid in the future. The Squirrel Who Travelled the World is not going to be his last appearance!


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